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How To Upload Documents: Scribd 101

Here’s a fun way to learn how to upload your documents and make it VIEWABLE in your website!

Introducing this neat tool:  SCRIBD!

Learning how to use Scribd is so easy!  This is an online document sharing facility, more like a public library that is open to all 24/7.  Once you upload your document in Scribd, you will be given the embed code which you will put in your website.

Presto, your document is viewable to your readers!  They can scroll to the next page, go back to previous pages… just like reading a book.  Neat huh?

Have fun learning and don’t forget to share this new tool with your friends.

Live a Positively Awesome Life!



P.S. Have you tried Scribd with


My Secret to Motivating Myself

I have taken my first step to be a virtual assistant.

Part of that first step is attending Jomar Hilario’s events.  Prior to these events, I immersed myself by attending Jomar’s webinars and listening to his recordings during office break times and at home.

After attending Jomar Hilario’s “Hands On Internet Marketing Seminar,”  I made the decision to become a virtual assistant.  We were given our big assignment.

The first assignment was a breeze!

The first week came so fast… then came the 2nd week… the succeeding step towards VA-hood was going way too  slow for me. Am I losing my motivation?

Here’s what I did to remind myself about persistence:  I made myself a collage!

Hope this inspires other aspiring VAs who on their first leg of their journey!


Live a Positively Awesome Life!