How To Use Google Analytics – Part 3: Getting To Know Your Visitors

Think of your website as a store, like a store that you own, like a quick service store similar to McDonalds or Starbucks or your own retail conglomerate like SM!

Now, when you enter McDonalds, Starbucks or SM, have you ever noticed the guards that welcome you?

In their hands is a small device called the clicker.  The guards are not there just to inspect your belongings, every time a person enters the door of their establishment, they press the clicker.

Clicker, what?

The guards record the number of people going inside their stores.  They count the number of visitors daily!  If these established brands seriously go through all the trouble of counting their visitors and go the extra mile of knowing their market, why don’t you?

Let’s translate that to your website…

  • Do you know how many visitors read your website today?
  • Do you know the location where they are coming from?
  • What device do they use to read your website?
  • Do they use Chrome or Safari to to find your website?
  • What keywords do they type when they search for your website?

If you do not know these basic information, how can you expect to sell to your customers if you do not know their behavior and their likes and dislikes?

If you are unsure of your answers to these questions, you need not worry no more!  There is a powerful tool available online that will give you all the data on the behavior of your customers.

This powerful tool is called GOOGLE ANALYTICS!

I am running a three-part series on this powerful tool.  Visit the following 2 tutorials for Google Analytics that I prepared for you:

Part 1 – Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Part 2 – Your Super Tool’s Dashboard

We are now on Part 3 of the series, which is understanding the Google Analytics Reports.
These reports give you all the information about your website visitors/customers!

Below is an easy tutorial that will make you an EXPERT on the behavior of your customers! Read on!

Live a Positively Awesome Life,

P.S.  Have I told you that Google Analytics is FREE?

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