How To Use Dropbox

Welcome to the Information Age!

Gigabytes of information are right at your finger tips every minute! You store voluminous files at work and at home.

So how do you send HUGE files to your clients and friends? Remember, Gmail and Yahoo can only accomodate a limited number of files!

Worry no more for there’s a great tool that can allow you to share 5 Gigabytes of information with your friends and co-workers… Introducing: DROPBOX!

Dropbox is a free software that you can use to share pictures, presentations, word documents, spreadsheets!

This multi tasking tool is simple and easy to use. Just follow the tutorial below and you can immediately start sharing your files and enjoy the benefits of DROPBOX!

Live a Positively Awesome Life,


P.S. Have you heard of the Top 10 Clever Uses for Dropbox?



Posted on August 21, 2012, in How To. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Yeah I love drop box! Nice photo’s too.

    Best thing with a Samsung Galaxy S3 purchase is that you get a bonus 50GB of dropbox space

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