How To Create An Opt In Page With Madmimi


You want to make it BIG in the Internet Marketing Biz?

Then, you should have a mailing list!

In the Internet Marketing biz, your goal is to build a Mailing List.  A Mailing List consists of names and email addresses of your fans.  These are people who are willing to listen to you!

To build a mailing list, you need an Opt-In Page. Now, you must have seen an opt-in page hundreds of times.

Does this look familiar?


You must have seen this!


Or this!

This is where you sign up and give your email in exchange of information.

To make an Opt-In Page, you can use Madmimi!  This is an email marketing system that makes email collection and management so easy!

The tutorial below shows the step-by-step guide to turn you into a Opt-In Page Pro!

Now, start building your mailing list of fans!

Live A Positively Awesome Life,


P.S.  The tutorial teaches you a neat trick!  See if it works for you!




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