Where Do I Apply: Odesk or Elance?

Where To Apply?


After completing all the assignments, you’re all set to apply!

Now, here’s the next question:  Where do I apply?

In my case, while I was doing the assignments, I am already building up my profile in oDesk.  This is where I took the tests and underwent verification.  Did I apply immediately?

Nope… I wasn’t feeling confident yet.  However, when I was doing the 10th tutorial, I started browsing for jobs for hire.  When I submitted the assignments to Rachel, I started applying for gigs!



My First brush With oDesk

In oDesk, you are given 20 chances to apply and when you get verified, you get an additional 5.  This is refreshed every two weeks when you do not get any response from employers.

I had my first adrenalin rush as I received my first invite for a Skype interview!  This one did not push through as the employer hinted that I lower my rate and do the task on a half voluntary basis. Well, what do you know!  It was a non-profit organization.  Good thing, Ann Exceptional VA reminded me to steer away from NGOs for they have limited capabilities.

On to my next search again!  I received another email regarding my application as social media manager for a music school and another one for long term powerpoint presentation.  I was asked to go through tests and unfortunately, the contracts were awarded to other bidders.

I was so eager to have a gig that I just forged on with the application in odesk.  Waiting for response from employers kept me on my feet!  Hours turned into days, then days turned into weeks.  I was getting nothing, nada, zero, zilch!

Then a VA friend of mine said, “Why don’t you try Elance?”


My First Brush With Elance

I went through the same routine, open an account, fill up my profile page, took a test and applied for gigs.

In Elance, you are given 15 units per month and you use these units to apply for gigs.  If you want your application to be visible to the employer, you use an extra unit to have you on the top-most list.

I am spending more time in Elance.  I am a visual person, hence I like seeing the pictures and background of my co-applicants in just one glance.

I feel excited when I see our Philippine flag every time a Filipino contractor submits a bid for a job!

Most of all, I get faster feedback from Elance, like if my application was declined because my bid was too high or if the contract was awarded already to someone else.  Also, when you click “My Elance”,  I get a snapshot of the status of my applications.  In just one page, I know if the jobs were still open, how many bidders, how much is the highest and lowest bids.

However, if you are an avid applicant like me, I used up all the credits in a matter of days!  If you want additional credits to be able to apply for more gigs, you have to be willing to part with a few dollars.

My friends also say that Elance is more for technical contractors.


So what’s the verdict?  Where should you apply?   Apply to BOTH!


Have a Positively Awesome Day!



P.S. Got any interesting story or insights about oDesk or Elance?


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