How To Name Your FB Fan Page



One of the initial challenges of a Social Media Expert is this:

Naming Your Client’s Fan Page — if he doesn’t have one YET!

However, I learned the  fun and easy way of choosing a likeable fan page when I attended the first live meet-up of the members of the FB Phenomenon Membership Site.  This group is being mentored by Aussie Facebook Expert Jay Mclean and Work From Home Expert Jomar Hilario.

We had a round-robin activity. Each one  contributes a funny (and CRAZY!) name for a member’s business. From these suggested “names”, you can either add or connect a word that relates to your business. It was a great exercise for stimulating your creativity while laughing!

Once you have chosen 3 names, you will conduct two types of tests:

1.  Testing within your FB Personal Page

2. Testing in related FB Groups

Jomar and Jay opened their bag of tricks and generously shared what they do that make their FB Pages Phenomenal!

Live A Positively Awesome Life,


P.S.  Jay is launching his FB Phenomenon Book on December 1, 2012!  Grab a copy and learn more FB tricks to level up your skills as a VA!





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