How To Overcome Withdrawal Symptoms (from 8-5 Dayjob!)



I’ve been working as  full-time virtual assistant for almost 3 weeks.

How was the experience?

IT WAS PURE EXCITEMENT AND HEAVEN for the first 2 weeks and a half… then it started to slide down.

I am missing something… then suddenly this occurred to me:  I am missing the morning hustle going to work!

You know the drill, don’t ya?


The Symptoms

Hugging your pillows and begging for another last 5 minutes with the snooze button on your alarm, hurriedly doing your morning rituals, enduring the traffic, just making it barely on time, office politics, morning break and stuff.

I miss dressing up for work, putting on light blusher and lipstick, choosing the pair of shoes that goes well with my uniform, I miss Fridays when we go casual at work… I miss the girly stuff!

I miss my officemates and office buzz!

SUPER GASP!  I’m having withdrawal symptoms from my corporate job!

Whewww good that it came with early realization and awareness.


Positively Aweosme VA

The Cure

Here are some tips that I am using to overcome the withdrawal symptoms:

1.  Be aware!

Be conscious of your feelings and embrace it.  Hey, it’s 21 days as a VA compared to 2 decades as a government employee.  There will definitely be MAJOR adjustments in the lifestyle.

2. Focus on the BIG Why

I have reasons for making this big jump from the corporate world to the online world.  I have to constantly remind myself of my BIG why.  Find your Big Why, read motivational guru Tony Robbins, he has a guide on how you can do this.

3. Make a List of Things that You are Thankful for

I had a big AHA when I was doing this! When I feel restless, I make a list of things that I am currently enjoying.  A part of my  list looks like this:

– I am thankful that I am eating more healthy food and drinking lots of water (no more cafeteria food!)

– I am thankful that life is more relaxed

– I am thankful that I’m starting to look younger, skin is glowing (no stress and no need for glutathione!)

– I am thankful that I have time to appreciate the sunrise, feel the cool air, those simple things I did not notice before

– I am thankful that I have time to do my Morning Pages

– I am thankful that I am gaining confidence in using my MAC (I command it to read my emails!)

– I am thankful that I have time to read my books

– I am thankful that I enjoy my afternoon nap

– I am thankful to have more play time with my 4-year old nephew Sam

– I am thankful that my sons are now the ones bringing me pasalubong!

See, I can go on and on and on.  There are lots of things to be grateful for!


Now the question:  Do I still want to GO BACK to the corporate world?

NAH, I probably just miss my office friends but we can have mini-reunions right?

I do not miss it to the point that I wanted to go back. Period


The Ultimate Solution

Now, if after doing the 3 tips and you still feel uneasy, I have an ultimate solution for you:  GO OUT!

I went out straight to the Mall of Asia!  I dressed in my girly Friday stuff, walked around, enjoyed MOA for myself (hey, it’s a weekday!).  Bought some colored pens and a journal, visited my favorite stores, after 2 rounds of walking and smiling, I headed home.

Now I’m okay.


Live a Positively Awesome Life,


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