How To Get 1,000 Views on Slideshare

Positively Awesome VA - Slideshare

I received an email from Slideshare containing this great news!

Positively Awesome VA reached another milestone in her career as a virtual assistant.  The first milestone was when the blog reached 500 followers and now, this is another milestone!

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a website where you upload your presentations and generate a code which you can embed in your blog.

If you have You Tube to upload your videos, Slideshare is the right place to upload your presentations.  These are lead generating platforms for your services or product.  According to reports, Slideshare is a vibrant social community with  reported 60million viewers!  Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn.

How do you exactly gain 1,000 views on your Slideshare? – My Experience

Having 1,000 views on Slideshare was not part of my goal.

I came to know about Slideshare through Jomar Hilario, after completing the VA Seminar in June 2012.  My goal then was to finish and submit my VA blog portfolio and concentrate on finding gigs online!

This milestone was totally unexpected!

I’m no expert on this and what I’ll share will be purely based on my experience. I think I was able to achieve this milestone by posting relevant and entertaining content.

When I was starting my online career, I already know my weakness:  I am not your tech savvy VA.  My strength: I know how to tell stories!

To compensate my weakness, I tried to inject stories in my presentations. This is my strategy to ensure  that my tutorials will reach the required 100 slides or more.  I just added stories to STRETCH my tutorials, hence my blog has an added BONUS:  My tutorials are fun to read!

Once people are entertained while they learn, they share the blog with their friends.  It also helped that  my mentor, Jomar Hilario, uses Positively Awesome VA as one of his examples during VA Seminars.  Thanks Jomar!

How do you  gain 1,000 views on your Slideshare? – Based on Research

If you want a more scientific and logical strategy, head over to the  Social Media Examiner where they discussed this topic in detail.  Here are their 10 tips on how to maximize the generation of leads via Slideshare:

#1: Base Your Presentation on a Topic on Which You are an Expert

#2: Your Title Slide is Your Headline

#3: Optimize Each Presentation for Search Engine Optimization

#4: Integrate Your Presentations Across Multiple Channels

#5: Create Your Promotion Strategy before Publishing Your Presentation

#6: Continue to Drive Viewers to Your SlideShare Presentation

#7: Repurpose, and then Repurpose Some More

#8: Check the Analytics

#9: Turn on the Forms Option

#10: Add Your Presentations to Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Read the details  here:  How to Use SlideShare to Generate Leads

There you have it!  Have fun doing your VA assignment and if you are a non techie like me, try adding stories in your presentations.  Remember to always have FUN!

Come join me, let’s celebrate and live a Positively Awesome Life!


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