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How To Celebrate Your 100th Day As A Positively Awesome VA

positively awesome VA

positively awesome VA

Last April 1, 2013, to be exact, your Positively Awesome Virtual Assitant celebrated her 100th day as a VA!

November  1, 2012 РI was accepted as a volunteer virtual assistant.

January 1, 2013 – I was officially hired to be an Online Team Strategist to a client which will become a great mentor to me.

So, how do you celebrate your 100th day as a virtual assistant?

  • Celebrate it with important people in your life
  • Have fun
  • Be thankful
  • Feel blessed!
  • Look forward to the next 100 days as a VA

Here’s a video I created to give you an idea how your Positively Awesome VA celebrated. ¬†Enjoy!

Thanks to Jomar Hilario for teaching me this!