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Shine and Be A Blessing in 2014

Here’s the e-card that I sent to my clients and I share the same to my fellow virtual assistants:

Have A Positively Awesome 2014


Feeling Blessed As A VA…

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How To Get 1,000 Views on Slideshare

Positively Awesome VA - Slideshare

I received an email from Slideshare containing this great news!

Positively Awesome VA reached another milestone in her career as a virtual assistant.  The first milestone was when the blog reached 500 followers and now, this is another milestone!

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a website where you upload your presentations and generate a code which you can embed in your blog.

If you have You Tube to upload your videos, Slideshare is the right place to upload your presentations.  These are lead generating platforms for your services or product.  According to reports, Slideshare is a vibrant social community with  reported 60million viewers!  Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn.

How do you exactly gain 1,000 views on your Slideshare? – My Experience

Having 1,000 views on Slideshare was not part of my goal.

I came to know about Slideshare through Jomar Hilario, after completing the VA Seminar in June 2012.  My goal then was to finish and submit my VA blog portfolio and concentrate on finding gigs online!

This milestone was totally unexpected!

I’m no expert on this and what I’ll share will be purely based on my experience. I think I was able to achieve this milestone by posting relevant and entertaining content.

When I was starting my online career, I already know my weakness:  I am not your tech savvy VA.  My strength: I know how to tell stories!

To compensate my weakness, I tried to inject stories in my presentations. This is my strategy to ensure  that my tutorials will reach the required 100 slides or more.  I just added stories to STRETCH my tutorials, hence my blog has an added BONUS:  My tutorials are fun to read!

Once people are entertained while they learn, they share the blog with their friends.  It also helped that  my mentor, Jomar Hilario, uses Positively Awesome VA as one of his examples during VA Seminars.  Thanks Jomar!

How do you  gain 1,000 views on your Slideshare? – Based on Research

If you want a more scientific and logical strategy, head over to the  Social Media Examiner where they discussed this topic in detail.  Here are their 10 tips on how to maximize the generation of leads via Slideshare:

#1: Base Your Presentation on a Topic on Which You are an Expert

#2: Your Title Slide is Your Headline

#3: Optimize Each Presentation for Search Engine Optimization

#4: Integrate Your Presentations Across Multiple Channels

#5: Create Your Promotion Strategy before Publishing Your Presentation

#6: Continue to Drive Viewers to Your SlideShare Presentation

#7: Repurpose, and then Repurpose Some More

#8: Check the Analytics

#9: Turn on the Forms Option

#10: Add Your Presentations to Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Read the details  here:  How to Use SlideShare to Generate Leads

There you have it!  Have fun doing your VA assignment and if you are a non techie like me, try adding stories in your presentations.  Remember to always have FUN!

Come join me, let’s celebrate and live a Positively Awesome Life!


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Where Do I Apply: Odesk or Elance?

Where To Apply?


After completing all the assignments, you’re all set to apply!

Now, here’s the next question:  Where do I apply?

In my case, while I was doing the assignments, I am already building up my profile in oDesk.  This is where I took the tests and underwent verification.  Did I apply immediately?

Nope… I wasn’t feeling confident yet.  However, when I was doing the 10th tutorial, I started browsing for jobs for hire.  When I submitted the assignments to Rachel, I started applying for gigs!



My First brush With oDesk

In oDesk, you are given 20 chances to apply and when you get verified, you get an additional 5.  This is refreshed every two weeks when you do not get any response from employers.

I had my first adrenalin rush as I received my first invite for a Skype interview!  This one did not push through as the employer hinted that I lower my rate and do the task on a half voluntary basis. Well, what do you know!  It was a non-profit organization.  Good thing, Ann Exceptional VA reminded me to steer away from NGOs for they have limited capabilities.

On to my next search again!  I received another email regarding my application as social media manager for a music school and another one for long term powerpoint presentation.  I was asked to go through tests and unfortunately, the contracts were awarded to other bidders.

I was so eager to have a gig that I just forged on with the application in odesk.  Waiting for response from employers kept me on my feet!  Hours turned into days, then days turned into weeks.  I was getting nothing, nada, zero, zilch!

Then a VA friend of mine said, “Why don’t you try Elance?”


My First Brush With Elance

I went through the same routine, open an account, fill up my profile page, took a test and applied for gigs.

In Elance, you are given 15 units per month and you use these units to apply for gigs.  If you want your application to be visible to the employer, you use an extra unit to have you on the top-most list.

I am spending more time in Elance.  I am a visual person, hence I like seeing the pictures and background of my co-applicants in just one glance.

I feel excited when I see our Philippine flag every time a Filipino contractor submits a bid for a job!

Most of all, I get faster feedback from Elance, like if my application was declined because my bid was too high or if the contract was awarded already to someone else.  Also, when you click “My Elance”,  I get a snapshot of the status of my applications.  In just one page, I know if the jobs were still open, how many bidders, how much is the highest and lowest bids.

However, if you are an avid applicant like me, I used up all the credits in a matter of days!  If you want additional credits to be able to apply for more gigs, you have to be willing to part with a few dollars.

My friends also say that Elance is more for technical contractors.


So what’s the verdict?  Where should you apply?   Apply to BOTH!


Have a Positively Awesome Day!



P.S. Got any interesting story or insights about oDesk or Elance?

How To Reconnect With Your Inner Positively Awesome VA

I was going through the list of available gigs in odesk. When I found this job post:

The title caught my attention, as if it’s written for me.  They need a “Super Organizer” — that’s ME!

I clicked the APPLY button and excitedly wrote my cover letter.  I re-read the job post up to the last line to make sure I had all the requirements covered.

I almost missed the last line:  Please reply with your favorite TED Video.

I used to listen to TED Talks.  I draw strength from inspiring, beautiful and courageous videos from the said website.

My journey to VA-hood reunited me with this website again.

TED Talks reminds me that there is a wellspring of inspiration that is just a mouse click away.

Here’s one TED talk that is now on my play loop!

I hope this will re-acquaint you with the simple pleasures of working from home and get reunited with who you really are — you are one Positively Awesome VA!

A Pat On My Back From My Mentor


Last weekend, I had the privilege to work with my mentor, Jomar Hilario.

I was the Team Lead for the staff volunteers and at the same time, the host of the 2012 Facebook Marketing Expert Seminar.  Jomar shared the stage with another FB Expert, Jay Mclean.

As Team Lead, I feel fortunate for having  the support and cooperation of very professional and quick thinking staff volunteers namely Carmi, Rina, Macky, Darryl, Anna, Marlon, Mike, Eric, Loth and Ate Josie.  The event’s success wouldn’t be possible without our virtual experts, Ms. Nikki and Ms. Trina.  It was such a blessing to work with them.

The Team had a blast serving the participants and listening from the insights of Jomar and Jay.  A big AHA for me is lesson on LIKES DOES NOT EQUAL TO SALES.

 Initially, I thought that the more Likes is equivalent to sales, hence I was inviting everyone to be my friend!  It’s crazy!

Here’s my take-away from the FBME Event;

Earning from FB is possible, it requires my daily attention and creativity to keep my fanpage engaging.  I learned that it’s all about building relationships with your FB friends.  This is achieved primarily by providing greater value to them, that eventually mutual trust is developed and this makes sales possible. 

As Staff Volunteers, we learned new strategies and insights that we can apply to our business as entrepreneurs and as VAs.  Plus, we went home with a bonus:  A pat on our back from our mentor!

Indeed, in this life, it is possible to have BOTH!


Enjoy a Positively Awesome Life,




My Secret to Motivating Myself

I have taken my first step to be a virtual assistant.

Part of that first step is attending Jomar Hilario’s events.  Prior to these events, I immersed myself by attending Jomar’s webinars and listening to his recordings during office break times and at home.

After attending Jomar Hilario’s “Hands On Internet Marketing Seminar,”  I made the decision to become a virtual assistant.  We were given our big assignment.

The first assignment was a breeze!

The first week came so fast… then came the 2nd week… the succeeding step towards VA-hood was going way too  slow for me. Am I losing my motivation?

Here’s what I did to remind myself about persistence:  I made myself a collage!

Hope this inspires other aspiring VAs who on their first leg of their journey!


Live a Positively Awesome Life!


Positively Awesome First Step

Wouldn’t it be awesome to work from home?

Wouldn’t it be fun to be in control of your time?

Wouldn’t it it be awesome to be your own boss?

You’ll enjoy all of these as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT…

Positively Awesome VA shares your dream to become a Virtual Assistant.  This blog shares my own transformation from an employee to an entrepreneur virtual assistant.  The transformation is a continuous process.  It entails work, it requires patience, it requires perseverance… It will require you to take the first step.

The web is a wealth of tools for virtual assistants.  As VAs, it is a must that you use many of these tools to be able to grow your business and serve your clients better.  Learning each of these online tools is like taking your first step (among the many!).  It is scary and challenging … at first.

Positively Awesome VA will be right there beside you as you take your first step. Positively Awesome VA  takes you through easy how tos and guides on tools that you will use as a virtual assistant.  The guides are presented in a step by step manner.  This allows you to take baby steps as you gain confidence and mastery in using the tools that will make you an expert working from home.

My promise to you is to keep the fun and excitement level high as march towards learning and transformation.

Now, are you ready to take your first step?


Live a positively awesome life!