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How To Use Google Analytics – Part 1: Installing the Goggle Analytics Code

  • Have you ever wondered how your website is performing?
  • Do you know know which of your posts is the most popular?
  • Do you know where your readers are coming from?
  • How many visitors do you get per day?

Find the answers to these important questions with an exciting tool:  Introducing GOOGLE ANALYTICS!

If you are a serious Internet Marketer, you must have Google Analytics installed in each and every website that you own.  There are two steps involved here:

  1. Sign-up in Google Analytics
  2. Installation of tracking code in your website

So how do you install this important tool?  Watch the tutorial below… Better yet have your VA do it for you!

Live a Positively Awesome Life!



How To Use Google Calendar

Are you…

  • Angry at your self for missing an important appointment?
  • Tired of rescheduling cancelled flights?
  • Exasperated for you forgot  to pay utility bills?
  • Working double time to make up with missed dates with your love one?
  • Frustrated for you missed your little girl’s recital?

Put an end to all of this!

Actually, you have several options:

  • Hire a personal assistant
  • Ask your wife to remind you
  • Set an alarm to your cellphone
  • Have a “ToDo” List with you


Before you make a decision, watch the slide below!

You have a better ALTERNATIVE over those listed above and it will surely put an end to your schedule troubles!


Live a positively awesome life!





How To Use Hootsuite

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever wished for just one tool to manage your numerous social media accounts?

Are you one of those who have multiple accounts in facebook, twitter, linked in?

Do you spend 2 hours of your precious time managing these multiple social media accounts?

Now, you can say bye bye to your worries and say hello to this one tool… HOOTSUITE!

Hootsuite allows you to post similar messages in all your social media networks with just ONE click!

Not only that, you can schedule your posts so you can enjoy more free time and vacation time.  You need not open your netbook just to post a message while enjoying the magnificent beaches of Bora or having wonderful moments with your loved ones.

If you are a VA wanting to impress clients and increase your productive time, Hootsuite is the right tool for you!

So, relax and enjoy this Hootsuite guide that shows you how to become a positively awesome SOCIAL MEDIA WIZARD.

Live a Positively Awesome Life!