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How To Post Something In Facebook

Facebook allows you to share your thoughts and updates about Yourself.

There are many things that you can share with your Facebook Friends:  personal updates, you can ask questions, you can share an inspiring quote and many things. The things you share will appear in your Facebook Timeline and on your Friends’ news feeds.

Here’s how to post something in Facebook. It shares some tips to make posts interesting! Also, there’s a how to delete posts in facebook.

Live a Positively Awesome Life!




Positively Awesome First Step

Wouldn’t it be awesome to work from home?

Wouldn’t it be fun to be in control of your time?

Wouldn’t it it be awesome to be your own boss?

You’ll enjoy all of these as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT…

Positively Awesome VA shares your dream to become a Virtual Assistant.  This blog shares my own transformation from an employee to an entrepreneur virtual assistant.  The transformation is a continuous process.  It entails work, it requires patience, it requires perseverance… It will require you to take the first step.

The web is a wealth of tools for virtual assistants.  As VAs, it is a must that you use many of these tools to be able to grow your business and serve your clients better.  Learning each of these online tools is like taking your first step (among the many!).  It is scary and challenging … at first.

Positively Awesome VA will be right there beside you as you take your first step. Positively Awesome VA  takes you through easy how tos and guides on tools that you will use as a virtual assistant.  The guides are presented in a step by step manner.  This allows you to take baby steps as you gain confidence and mastery in using the tools that will make you an expert working from home.

My promise to you is to keep the fun and excitement level high as march towards learning and transformation.

Now, are you ready to take your first step?


Live a positively awesome life!